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Los Angeles Video Producer Director
Jake Bradbury, Director

7 Reasons Video Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool in 2017

The days of your denial are over. 2017 is upon us and you can’t ignore it any longer—a marketing strategy without video is a losing strategy, period.  

You may think brand video doesn’t apply to your industry. SPOILER ALERT: it does. Real estate? Yep. Legal services? Yep. Selling puppy clothes? Of course.

If you’re a little tentative about diving into video, here are just a few of the reasons that it’s critical for your success in an ever-changing online landscape.

1. The video gluttony epidemic.

It may come as a shock to you, but people are watching more video than ever before. But you already know that—you’re one of them. 

YouTube, the grandaddy of video content, has consistently reported a 100 percent rise in mobile video consumption each year. But Facebook is coming for his crown. On the cusp of 2016, Facebook reported a staggering 100 million hours of video (most under 60 seconds) watched each day on the platform. 

People have an insatiable appetite for bit-sized moving pictures, who knew?


2. Facebook feels it—hard.

In early February of this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted, “I see video as a mega trend, same order as mobile.” Without wasting any time, Facebook launched the brand’s biggest marketing campaign in its 13 year history with a video ad, encouraging business to jump on the high speed train of video advertising on Facebook. 

In the Facebook vs. YouTube streaming showdown, Facebook harnesses a secret weapon: data. They are the greatest data marketers on the planet and know almost everything about your audience—if they’re trying to lose weight, what kind of car they drive and their favorite flavor of ice cream.

Facebook has already done a lot of work for you. All you have to do is let us help you create great video content and your target audience is there waiting to eat it up. 

This doesn’t mean you should ignore other platforms like Twitter and Snapchat, but Facebook should be at the forefront of your strategy.


3. Google and YouTube are happily married.

When it comes to SEO optimized video content, Google has still yet to be dethroned. If you want to see yourself in a search, video is crucial. YouTube has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the internet. When you use video you are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google and 62 percent of Google searches include video. 

In the current online landscape, consumers will make an initial connection with your brand through Facebook or Google. Put killer brand video out on both platforms and avoid becoming irrelevant.


4. People trust you more.

People buy things from people they trust. Initially, the thought of putting yourself in front of a camera as a business owner may seem scary, but building trust within your audience through video is invaluable for your brand.

According to Forrester, a 60-second video is worth 1.8 billion words. You can write as much as you want about your how great your brand is, but you can communicate much more in front of a camera. 

Despite our seeming departure from true human interaction, we still seek authenticity and connection in the form of brand video. Almost 50 percent of users search for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. Forty-three percent want to see more video content from marketers. 

Squatty Potty’s soft-serve pooping unicorn video proves that being authentic and embracing your brand’s identity can pay off. With a massive 50 million views on Facebook and YouTube, the weird three-minute clip increased online sales by 600 percent in 2015. Those numbers don’t lie.


5. Video hits you in the feels.

Reading is a cognitive process that involves intense brain activity and strain. When we watch a video, we fire these guys called mirror neurons, that help us to feel empathetic towards the actions on a screen, even when we witness it passively. 

Google has done extensive research on the growing importance of micro-moments, hundreds of tiny intent-driven moments in our online experience that dictate our decisions. Because on the Internet, we act impulsively. It’s no surprise that this is due entirely to the mobile devices we place under our pillows each night.

Our phones give us a much more intimate experience with brands compared to our desktops and television screens. Eighty-two percent of users turn to their phones to influence a purchase while in a store. If your brand isn’t winning every want-to-know, want-to-go, want-to-do and want-to-buy moments, you’re losing them. Winning them may be as simple as posting a how-to video about your product. 

If you want people to immerse themselves emotionally in your brand and fall in love with your content, video is your best bet. Whether you want to make them laugh or cry, we’ve got you covered.


6. The Bottom Line

Converting the curious to customer can prove difficult for marketers that are only using words and pictures. While an overall marketing strategy will employ all of these elements, video can turn skeptics into believers.

Enjoyment of video ads increases brand association by 139 percent and purchase intent by 97 percent. Of that 97 percent, 64 percent are more likely to purchase the product online. Running an email campaign? Including video in an email increases click-through rates by 200-300 percent.


7. We can do this. Together.

Here at 512 Media, we have everything you need to make your brand stand out in an increasingly video-driven online environment. We’re here to help you win all of those micro-moments, feel all those feels and drive revenue.

Let’s talk.




Jake Bradbury, director

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