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Stories are the backbone of good conversation. Videos are the backbone of stories.


Video seem daunting? We’ll work with you to find the purpose of your project. Customize your experience with us; from finding your story, to writing a script, to budgeting – we’re here, listening. Let’s start with your free consultation


We’re not your typical Los Angeles video mill. We don’t use templates, we tell stories. We marry our storytelling ability with a solid grasp on marketing. We use only the best technology and crew to create visual conversation pieces


Videos are created three times: when they’re written, when they’re shot and when they’re edited. With 51 years of combined editing experience, we strengthen your story with graphics, music, color correction and timing – all with the best technology.

Still wondering if 512 is the right fit for you? Here’s a list of some of the types of video we’ve created for our clients:

Hey, I’m Jake.

I’ve been a visual storyteller for more than ten years and currently produce for CBS. My big break? Winning a lifetime supply of Skittles in a video contest … and the cash prize I used to start 512 Media.   

Like the start of any good character arc, my beginnings were humble. I arrived in LA, freshly graduated, with nothing but a dream to my name. Now, I’m collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and national brands. The come up makes all the difference. I’ve been privileged to work with diverse people, projects and budgets. And I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, I’ve mastered the art of the story.

I’m excited to tell yours.

Los Angeles Video Producer Director


Jake Bradbury, director

If you are in the Los Angeles area hire 512 Media for a your next video project. You can trust us to do the job for you.