Big Red Soda

512 Media in cooperation with GeniusRocket was given a creative brief from Big Red for a thirty second TV spot advertising their Cola. After pitching an idea, creating storyboards, producing the project, 512 media delivered a Broadcast-ready commercial that was used in large city spot markets to brand Big Red.

The creative brief stated the sponsor was looking for a commercial that would:

  1. Target a multicultural audience. 512 media achieved this goal by setting the project in an urban party environment comprised of fun loving people of all races.
  2. Hit the target demographic of a more neo-urban environment. We set the entire commercial in an urban environment incorporating the sounds, landscape and colors of a booming urban city.
  3. Exemplify the corporate message of Big Red’s advantages on its competition.

To emphasis the idea of difference 512 created the character of Big Red Robin Hood. He’s different, he’s cool, and he uses Big Red magic to start parties. In the idea’s climax this Robin Hood character throws a bottle of Big Red up onto this wall and creates a glowing image of the corporate logo.  This juxtaposition creates an appealing urban-friendly image for our sponsors and achieves all of the clients goals outlined in the creative brief.

Once production plans began 512 Media worked with both Big Red and GeniusRocket to create a successful plan of action.  512 media than produced the spot selecting sound technicians, costumes, talent, camera, location, and props.  A representative from Big Red and GeniusRocket arrived on the day of the shoot and were treated to a fully-functioning set, ready for shooting.

We shot through the night in downtown Los Angeles to create a final product that both pleased the artists at 512 Media and their clients.

In post-production 512 Media employed some of Hollywood’s premier talent to create the number of complex visual effects that the piece required.  After less than a month from pre-production to post-production, 512 Media delivered the final, broadcast quality version of Big Red Riding hood to the marketing managers at Big Red.